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July 07 - IO94

July 07 - IO94 2m/6m in a thunderstorm!

July 07 IO94 (look at the sky!)

July 07 IO94 "compact station"

9ele 2m temporary mount on the childrens "shack".used to make the most of the Feb 08 lift


Backpack portable 08

Backpack portable at 600 feet ASL.5/8 wave HB J-pole on the rucksack. Good performance but I can't recommend the sunburn that go's with it....

Another view of the J-pole and FT60. 80 miles, 2.5w, 2m FM simplex. June 08.

(the j-pole works on 70cm too!)

Out portable again for the 144megs activity contest in july

New 40m loop support - yaaaay at last!


Last of the 3 peaks, it rained all day and activity on 2m FM was as grim as the weather. Still managed 7hr52mins by running all the downhill and flat bits, and took 1st place.mad.yup.

View East from the /P location, the blue line is the sea. Had some fab times on 2m tropo from here. Just need power for the valve amp. Could create my own lift then..

19th December - Cottam (WW2 disused) airfield looking East. -5 degrees C. fantastic conditons on 60m (Link dipole at 8m, 40w, pack weight 20Kg)

19th Dec 09 - Halfway home from Cottam Airfield.


Cottam again - here is the setup - 857 and 2x 7Ah SLAB's. The green bits at the bottom of the shot are my legs, and the white bit, bottom middle is snow! yes it was cold! Great fun though :-)