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December 19th

Hello, and thanks for browsing by. This is the homepage of Tim, G4YTD, a young "old timer".This site is very much a labour of love and will continue to evolve as I get more time to play.

Smash and grab SOTA activation.


June 2016

Where has the time gone?

Two blinks and here I am nearly 50!

Hopefully the coming months will allow me some radio time from interesting places.

January 2010

New job is busy busy busy.

I still have some quality SOTA time, and have just earned a shed load of points by climbing Skiddaw LD-004 in full winter conditions. Pictures to follow shortly.

We still have plently of snow around in Yorkshire, and also in my occassional work QTH in GM land. Cant wait for the wx to change so I can bag a peak or two after work!

See you on a hilltop soon

Tim - G(M)4YTD

(new pics on the gallery page)



Well, what a year 2009 is turned out to be.

As of April the story so far is:-

Reached 100+ Chaser points for SOTA

Not far away from the magic 100 Activator points (Sota again!)

Been awarded the "Bennet award" by the RSGB for the portable antenna article that appered in the August 2008 Radcom.

YTD SOTA article has been published in the April edition of Radcom.(More SOTA)

Worked VK and ZL on 40m SSB.

August 2009 -

250 chaser points for SOTA claimed.

Qualified for and received the "Everest Award" - 45000 feet of climbing with radio in 12 months!! Certificate number 24... result!

Told you it had been a bit of a year!!!




The homepage of Radio Station G4YTD